Volume 1 contains the first 5 (and most popular) automotive enthusiasts. What kind of clients does Exclusive.cars have and with which type do they reflect most with: The Tourist, The Curator, The Collector, The Sportsman and The Detailer.

Shortlisted for Best Creative Film at the London Motor Film Festival.



Creative agency

BRUUT collective

Produced by

BRUUT collective



Philipp Cleiren as The Curator
Eline Deckers & Jeroen Massoels as The Tourist
Kris Stoop as The Collector
Preben Van Overmeiren as The Sportsman
Ron Nemeth as The Detailer


Kasper Mols

Director of Photography

Rutger-Jan Cleiren


Duncan Kuijpers

Production Assistants

Philipp Cleiren
Kristel Solinger

Music by

Yero Pharaoh

Edit & Grading

Rutger-Jan Cleiren

Special thanks to

MP Car Care : mp-carcare.nl
Swissvax : swissvax.com
Autobedrijf van de Voorde : vdvclassics.nl