Craft brewery Dutch Bargain from Groede, Netherlands are the proud makers of their highly appraised Imperial Pale Ale. This full bodied and rich beer was granted multiple awards at the 2016 World Beer Awards. It was time to introduce the world to Dutch Bargain. The ‘What’s Your Story?’ campaign was developed by BRUUT collective with one thing in mind: beer lovers. Craft beer is often consumed by devoted fans of the product. These lovers are interested in the origins of the beer and the story behind them. That’s why decided to share them our version. And… What’s Your Story?


Dutch Bargain

Creative agency

BRUUT collective

Produced by

BRUUT collective



Charlie Curilan
Marc Hens
Thomas Gabriel
Marc Menue
Thibo Baccarne
Stijn Jordans


Kasper Mols

Director of Photography:

Rutger-Jan Cleiren


Duncan Kuijpers

Assistant Camera:

Daan Venmans


Philipp Cleiren

Art Director / Styling:

Petra van Geyt

Music Score:

Yero Pharaoh

Animal Handler:

Ina Nortier

Stunt Double:

Yenka Sips


Joey de Loor

Set Photography:

Marre Menue

Special Thanks to:

Brouwerslokaal De Drie Koningen, Groede
The Movie Lot, Antwerpen
Brouwerij Vermeersen, Hulst