Duncan Kuijpers

Born in 1992, raised in ‘het Westland’, Duncan took the first opportunity he had to move to the beautiful and cozy city of Breda. Being a student at the NHTV International Media & Entertainment Management programme, he got acquainted with Kasper and Rutger-Jan. Having worked on various projects together with and without fellow BRUUT people before joining the team officially, the big, huggable guy who always seems to smile, gained experience in the field of lighting video sets.

This is his main role within BRUUT. Besides that, he has a wide spread of interests. From photography, videography, 2D animation and other media-related topics, to history, physics and Harry Potter, there are few YouTube videos that he won’t click.

Besides that, he is a real McGyver with his Leatherman, often saving the day on set and in daily life. He doesn’t have a plan of ‘where he sees himself in five years’, because he supposes that as long as you enjoy yourself without harming others, life shouldn’t be a military-like mission for success.

Duncan has worked on: